Imagine That

Jenna C

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Imagine this: The breathtaking view of a forest of pine trees reaching towards the blue skies as the sun shines down on them. The chill of the soft wind as it gently grazes your arms, inviting you to follow its journey as it circles around the world. The sound of nature’s whispers turning into a sweet song that fills your ears with an escape from reality. Peace. Imagine this: The forest of pine trees, the blue skies, and the sun being covered by a cloud of smoke, until all you see is darkness. The glass shards pressing against your skin as your head violently makes contact with the steering wheel. The sound of tires screeching, an inaudible scream, and a loud “Boom”. Chaos. Both visuals are polar opposites. The difference between them? Three seconds. Three seconds to put on a seat belt Or Three seconds to change the radio station. Three seconds to let the ringtone fade to quiet Or Three seconds to pick up the phone and read the text. Three seconds to brake to the speed limit Or Three seconds to floor it out of control. Only you can choose what you want to do with your three seconds. Your choices decide what visual you will be seeing: Peace Or Chaos? Imagine that.