Hannah R


My parents registered me to participate in a four day driving school program. I was so mad that I would be spending my spring break in a classroom designed to make me fall asleep. I wanted to get up and ditch but I was constantly being reminded of how much it cost, Till this day, I am glad I did. It made me a better and more cautious driver. The first week of fall I witnessed three incidents where drivers were speeding and not paying attention. I understand now that as teen drivers, we are likely to be the cause of why so many people refer to us as the people at fault. It only takes a second to take control of the wheel and lose it at the same time. I was once watching a lady next to yelling at her kids and texting at the same time and I thought to myself “And they say we don’t pay attention”. I agree with teen drivers not being able to obtain their DL until they have had their permit for six months. I had to learn that when I drive I must pay attention and be alert at all times. If many teen drivers learn from other good drivers, it makes a huge difference in the outcome of driving, If we follow a parent or friend that is not such a responsible driver it can leave a bad stain on our driving influence.I prefer to be cautious and smart. My step-mom told me that when you are behind the wheel, you are responsible for three thousand pounds of metal. Driving is a Privilege not a Prize.


I take teen driving very serious. I had a school mate that drove to school everyday. One day she started taking her boyfriend to school in her car and while she was driving she started to pay more attention to what he was doing on his phone than keep her eyes on the road. It was a big mistake because she lost control of the car and caused the car to veer off the road into oncoming traffic. Her boyfriend died but she survived. The parents of her boyfriend sued her and her parents for reckless driving. It wasn’t worth it to know that your curiosity got the best of you. She will have to live with knowing that she took for granted being a driver that made the ultimate mistake of not paying attention,