Sydney H

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It’s not that she loves school, it is That she must go, She needs to graduate next year Or she’ll ne’er know How to find and build a career, Better the world, She will do it, her time is near, And thus, she has to go and so… She drives 30 minutes every day To get to school, always the same way. But don’t forget, There is always a price to pay… Striving for better does not come cheap Each year, thousands of young students Like myself Die on these American roads Right here So, I don’t write of tragedy No broken family I just write of who we could be These deaths are the destruction of Infinite possibility because When our first female president, say, Died last week Before her seventeenth birthday, The man who would have cured cancer, Dies a small child In the back seat of his Dad’s roadster. Distracted driving kills more than just one person It kills a dream, a discovery, and the infinite possibility Of the very idea of better. So the next time you drive Know the power that you have, Your responsibility goes deeper Than just 6 feet.