“The Focus”

Zoey B

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Distracted driving is one of the first things they teach you NOT to do in driver’s education, but almost all drivers have fallen victim to focusing on anything else other than the road when operating a motor vehicle. Things such as the radio, other people in the car, our food and drink, and countless other disturbances we may be exposed to behind the wheel, but the biggest problem today is our phones. What steps can we take to make the roads safer for ourselves and the people around us? For one, companies can invent mandatory vehicle safety mechanisms to ideally ensure safety, much like people are forced to have who are found guilty of multiple DUI’s in some states have to use interlock breathalyzers (cannot start ignition until breathalyzer test is passed). Car companies already have hands free, bluetooth call options, but to take it a step further, the vehicle should not operate unless the phone is put in a designated capsule out of sight and out of mind. Forcing neglect to the most prominent request of our attention will allow our attention to me set more securely on the road and less on your BFF’s facebook update. This innovation furthermore allows drivers to control their vehicle freely minded without a tiny screen demanding their attention in their lap.