No One’s Watching

Tajanique T


Road is empty, no cops in sight You get a notification at the stoplight Check the road then pull out your phone Beep! Beep! There goes that ringtone Check the road Check your phone Look up again Send that text Post that snap Oh! Light’s green, go! Don’t forget to like that post You hit the gas, not looking up On your left, you don’t see the truck Your light was red but you thought you could go Looking up, you didn’t know Don’t send that text Close that app Put down your phone It’s not worth your life It’s not worth someone else’s


Basically, it’s about someone who pulls up to a stoplight and starts noticing that they have a bunch of notifications so they check their phone. While they check their phone they look up a couple times to see if the light’s green and once they think it’s green they hit the gas to cross but still continues to finish up what they’re doing on the phone until it’s too late to realize that the light wasn’t actually green and they get hit by an oncoming truck.