Six Seconds

Jasmine L

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One second, The time it takes for me to buckle my seat belt. I sit in the backseat of my big sister’s car, excited for our first drive together. As she smiles looking back at me with her bright beautiful eyes, I cherish this moment forever. Two seconds, The time it takes for her to start her first car and adjust her mirrors. A beeping sound echoes from the dashboard Alarming my sister, like my parents always have, to buckle up. She never does. Three seconds, The time it takes to turn on and up the radio loud enough to drown out the beeping sound. Me and my sister sing out loud and carelessly out of tune. We dance to the melodies that flow from the speakers. It was me and my sister against the world, enjoying the fullness of life. My fingers dance freely through the wind as I reach my hand out of the window. The road signs pass by so freely that I can’t make out what they say. Fours seconds, The time it takes for my sister to press down on the brakes and come to a complete stop. I almost flew forward with the jerk of the car, I think she was diving too fast, But she’s my big sister so she knows what she’s doing, right? The light turns green and we proceed. RING RING RING Five seconds, The time it takes for her to find her phone in her purse nearby. Instead of answering the phone, she messages the caller. Unaware of the road in front of her, I can see her end her reply with the word “bye.” We were almost about to arrive at my elementary school dance recital. BEEEEEP!! Six seconds, The time it takes for us to look up and see a driver coming straight toward us. My sister accidentally drove onto the wrong side of the road, while replying to the text. I scream, I yell, she tries her best to swerve out of the way. CRASH! It was over. We crashed into the car coming toward us. The airbag inflates but my sister still flies face forward, into the windshield. The car that crashed into the driver seat door trapped her leg and body from completely flying out. NOOOO! I screamed and cried in terror to the horrific sight of my sister’s death. As we jerked back, her body hit the back of the seat and blood drained down her face. Her bright eyes looked back at me. My heart filled with pain and sorrow. My eyes drained a salty sea of tears. In six seconds, my sister was gone forever. Who would have thought that a simple text would end my sister’s life? That the text that meant bye for now turned out to mean bye forever. A one second motion, Just as simple as putting on a seat-belt, could have possibly saved a life. I will never forget that day. Even now, at this moment, as sit in my first car, I think about my sister. I turn off my phone and buckle my seat-belt. I follow the speed limit and remain alert of my surroundings. I stop and take six seconds to do these simple task that could possibly help spare my life. Take back those six seconds that took my sister’s life.