I am a Good Driver

Mikaela M


The screeching of tires. I am a good driver Attentive, smart, careful The first snap of metal from the door. I was going to get the sunday groceries My mom is sick The pressure of the impending vehicle. I have to study for my physics test later I want to graduate with honors next month The jolts from my skidding car. My best friend is coming to study She makes the best cookies The feeling of glass. Everywhere. I hope my mom is okay She gets worse by the day The heat from the early summer pavement. We’re all we have But we are happy The blue sky… why is it red? I had the right of way I looked before I accelerated What is that pain? There are people screaming Red and blue lights Where is my mom? She is expecting the chicken We always have chicken on sunday Where am I going? There is no more red Just light Why was he on his phone? It has been a week My body is in a wooden box Couldn’t he see the stop sign? It was right there I saw it Why was he going so fast? The velocity It sent my body flying What was so important? More important than my life More important that his innocence Why is he still there? He never did get to the store But he will have another opportunity Who will tell my mother I love her? I hope she got the sunday chicken She knew I was a good driver


The effects of distracted and/or dangerous driving is not an isolated thing. I have known multiple people killed because of their own recklessness: not wearing a seatbelt, texting, or other bad decisions. Likewise, I have known people lost to the mistakes of others. They were good, safe drivers, but one person who chooses to check a text rather than to see a stop sign or red light can change people’s lives forever. The one who decided to have their phone in front of them or not wear a seatbelt made a choice, but many times they do not realize the effects it could have on a stranger. The dangers or distracted or debilitated driving are limitless.