Star In Your Own Car

Isaac S

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You finally got a license to drive a car Once you hop in the drivers seat you feel like a star Hands on the steer with the gas pedal and brake When it comes to driving, you must not hesitate Don’t want anything in your way; no distractions Distractions like your phone never needs attention Never while you’re driving you should pick up your phone What could happen is worse than breaking a bone You lay one finger on the phone while you drive You’ll ruin yours and others people’s lives What’s on your phone don’t mean jack You end your life, you can never come back Think of what could happen if you crashed and died Won’t come back alive even if you tried Without a doubt a lot of people will start to cry Because the loved ones that died never said goodbye Ever since that crash, life will never be the same Especially with your dead body in the grave with your name Not only texting; sleeping, drinking, you name it Any of those could make your life a short limit For those reading this poem, you listen here Drive safely with no phone, and there won’t be tears Unless you’re in a good spot when you can take your phone out No texting while driving is something you should never doubt