The Real Killer

Jameson N

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Throughout our entire lives, we are warned of the danger of drunk driving. Kids are led to believe that drunk driving is the scariest thing out there in the world and you can never be too careful about that. Drunk driving is a very serious issue and is extremely dangerous but there is a danger even more common that has a much sneakier approach. It sneaks up on teen drivers letting them feel safe and like they are in control until it is too late. This other, terrifying, deadly hazard is always in a teenager’s pocket or on their person. Phones. Distracted driving from phone usage kills around eleven teenagers every single day. That’s four thousand teenagers killed in car accidents every year because of their phones. Teens never think that an accident will happen to them or they think that they drive safely so they have nothing to worry about but what they do not realize is that even if one person never checks their phone while driving and is the safest driver around, there are dozens, even hundreds, of people out there who do not hold themselves to the same standards. Teenagers need to learn the habit of defensive driving when they first start driving so there is no chance of them getting hurt. Not only do teenagers need to never check their phones and be safe but they have to be ready to take action to protect themselves if another driver is being dangerous on the road. Dear today’s teens, always be more careful than you think you have to be and keep an eye out for other drivers, sometimes you’re not the problem but you can always help to be part of the solution.