How do you want to be remembered?

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The solution to distracted driving is simple: When someone is tempted to become distracted while driving, that person needs to think about how he or she wants to be remembered after death. The statistics on distracted driving are easily accessible. For example, “4,000 teens lose their lives in crashes every year.” People know the statistics, but they do not know the people making up the statistics. The kids in these statistics were living, breathing people with dreams and aspirations. These teens had friends and families. One of these teens may have found the cure to cancer as an adult. Another one may have become President. People forget that when they look at these stats. People only see a number; they do not see the person behind the number. People want to be remembered by others after they die as something more than just a simple number. Most people desire to be known for their personality or for their contributions to society. When someone drives distracted, he or she puts these desires of other people into jeopardy. When someone drives distracted, the risk of a crash significantly increases. Any time there is a crash, there is a risk of death and the risk of another person becoming just another crash statistic. Instead of being a statistic, have something positive for people to remember you by. Be the doctor who cures cancer. Run for President. Do not drive distracted. Any time a teen is thinking about driving distracted, they only need to ask themselves one question to curb that desire: “Would I like to be known as a number, instead of as a person?