With Purpose and Intent

Dorcas O

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Our story begins with a girl who was filled with hope and promise. This girl had a bounce in her step, with purpose and intention in her heart. She was on the way to her doctor’s appointment, the weekly one she always did, because of her frequent allergies. The next part of our story leads into and the image of soda cans strewn messily over a mentally tidy teenage boy. He was headed to a raving concert with his best buds, and a road trip they had been planning for weeks without end. He hurried down his stairs, with purpose and intent in his heart. Finally, our story jumps to the moment these two collided, for one destructive reason. She was driving down the highway, he had his earphones in, she picked up the phone from her mother that she hadn’t seen in a week, he forgot to buckle his seatbelt, she didn’t look into her rearview mirror, he didn’t look at the lights blinking right in front of him– SMASH! They both were preoccupied, multitasking a task that requires complete attention, and with purpose and intent in their hearts to reach their individual destinations, they disregarded the most important rule of driving… NEVER GET DISTRACTED. They both lost their lives that terrible day, the boy never meeting with his friends, the girl never to see or talk to her dear mother again. Their purpose and intentions were in the wrong place, if only they paid attention to the road, if only, then I would not be telling you their story.