Where You’re Going

James F


The Store, School, Work, Home, You’re on your way, distracted, dangerous. The road never changes, your life does. Your Phone, The Radio, Your meal, They’re more important than the road, the destination. You’ve been there before, you’ll be there again. Graduation, Your Wedding, Retirement, You’ll never make it, stripped from this world quickly, cruelly. Something you never saw, ended it all. Their Memories, Their Dreams, Their Nightmares, Where you’re going. Look at the road or else you’ll never see what’s ahead. Friends, Family, Loved Ones What you left behind, who you left behind, devastated, alone. Was that text worth it all?


There are so many things that go into a loss to distracted driving. Things often forgotten about. Things to consider, things lost, and things left behind. These places, people, and events compose a list of things I had to think about for years after I lost one of my best friends to a texting and driving accident. The day before I had seen him at school. Then he was gone, without warning. I wanted to share this pain through a simple reminder of all things that are affected in when a tragedy like this takes place. I hope this poem can have an effect on readers like that day had on me.