The plague of Distracted Driving and the Cure

Ethan N

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There are three types of distracted driving; cognitive which is when a driver’s mind is not focused on driving, visual which is when the driver is not looking at the road, and manual when a driver takes both hands off the wheel. Distracted driving is a huge problem with all areas of people. When people drive distracted they put everyone in danger. Even parents who try to make sure their kids are safe put their kids in danger by driving distracted. There are more kinds of distracted driving than just being on your phone distracted driving can be; playing with the radio, focusing on the air conditioning, doing makeup, and dealing with other people all of which can be extremely dangerous. We as a society have gotten so attached to our phones that we cannot even put them down to drive five minutes and diminish a risk of a collision. Texting while driving puts more than just yourself at risk it puts everyone on the road or walking on the side of the road when you are driving at risk. During most times of the day, around six hundred sixty thousand drivers are using their phone while driving. According to the National Safety Council cell phone use while driving leads to around 1.6 million wrecks a year. In fact despite what several people think texting and driving are six times more likely to cause a collision than driving drunk. When on your phone while behind the wheel it increases the time that you are not paying attention to the road by four-hundred percent. This plague effects teens more than adults though by being four times more likely to get in a wreck while using their phone than an adult. 330,000 people wreck every year because of texting and driving, these collisions are easily preventable if people would just pay attention and wait to respond or check social media. Of the three types of distracted driving being on your phone is one of the worst by combining all three. Driving distracted is wrong and dangerous not only are you endangering yourself you are endangering everyone. People often times think what they are doing is ok because nothing will happen in a few seconds when really it only takes one for something to happen. Tending to kids, talking or looking at other passengers, eating, changing the radio, and looking away from the road are all ways of driving distracted without being on your phone all of which are dangerous and flat out ignorant. In order to help prevent distracted driving, we ourselves can take actions to prevent ourselves from having to do it and stricter laws can be passed. We can turn off our cell phones, get a hands free device even though this can reduce the distraction, make sure kids are buckled up and if you need to attend to them pull over, eat before you start driving or after you arrive at your destination, program your GPS before you leave, and fix the radio and AC before you leave. Outside of ourselves, we could get ads published to appeal to emotions people are more likely to stop with this type of appeal. Hold texting while driving to a higher level it is just more dangerous than texting while driving but punishments are much more lenient make the offense more serious by making the fine higher. Have phone companies when making an update where it can detect if you are driving. None of these solutions will fix it people will still do it but they could bring it to a minimum.