A Life is a Life

Genesis O

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A life is a life Future, hopes, dreams A life is a life Anxiety, despisement, no tranquility A life is a life Phobias, dying, no energy Day after day, I wake up at different times cause I can’t sleep No matter how much I try, worries consume me How do I say give up without an ending My heart, broken pieces wishing a new beginning Life’s hard, we must know this Please, don’t pretend to be fixed when you’re broken Seek help, even if it’s just the sky with its arms wide open I say I’m tired, but continue moving- All for you You don’t see me, so I don’t blame you But, somehow you must feel something like I do Intentions not to criticize, but to help you A life is a life Sometimes it’s only a silent voice A life is a life But there are still choices to be made Is it fair to hurt without wanting to? If you want to, that’s you But it’s better to push yourself out the way than letting people- Pay for your mistakes Look at me, do you see? A little boy, he didn’t know Your actions can be deadly Only copied others behaviors Be happy, when only crying No tears show, but it’s unbearable Nothing goes right, people turn against me Teachings of society, sentenced to incarceration Justice and righteousness laughs at me A life is a life Trapped behind these bars, there is no escape plan A life is a life Lies, I speak truth, and they say goodbye Victory of superiority thinking they know Fellow reapers, they follow me We no street sweepers, please stand up be leaders Thinking they’re leaders making my machine hurt Happiness, fulfillment, prophecies I gave it all up because I don’t know Who knows, we don’t know why we do, but we do know It wasn’t my fault, but- Imprisonment my address It wasn’t on purpose, but- Solitary my status I’m going mad, but- No one knows this Can I go back? I walk without purpose They demand too much No one can seem to get enough Tell me, what did I do wrong? A vacant silence follows up with screaming lungs Tell me, what did I do wrong? Screaming lungs follow up with roaring sirens Think of a life My life, your life, our life A life Some don’t get the chance to live a life Think of a life before you drive A life is a life It’s a number one A life is a life The one time I forgot Your always was my lie I wish I could give you my life Here I am trembling, shaking, monstrosities awakening- I’m sorry, I can’t deny I can only try, try to live my own life No matter what, I’d give it away Because everyday I regret what I could now never say A scream, a reminder as if I’m dreaming My story, a beginning without end- I’m sorry, I can’t deny I can only try, try to live my own life Begging on rocks, revenge is not what I seek Look at me, do you see? These chains order me to fall down on knees Look at me, do you see? He said there will always be a tomorrow, but he went to sleep Look at me, do you see? Only prison awaits me A life is a life Our happy times only a memory A life is a life Have caution, drive safely A life is a life Because still, I remain on my knees- Crying helplessly