I’m Sorry

Sahni S


I buckle up and feel so secure Nothing can break this bond I lock my screen and tuck it away In a compartment far beyond But there is a quiet between the road and my car So I blast it to 38 and play my song I’m sorry The bass and the temp send vibrations through my body I dance to the beat Flying past everybody Less than 12 months to my record I ignore the signs Going over by 20 Ignorantly inclined I’m sorry I had a kiss with fate My life flashed before my eyes A scene I can never erase The speed, the music, and neglecting the signs My heart is in my stomach My chest near the point of explosion My life I could have lost All because I did not want to slow the motion I’m sorry Caution is carried As I peruse around town Yielding to others And turning my music down I will never take advantage of the reason for rules Being considerate and attentive May spare a race will fate that I may possibly lose I’m sorry


I came to the realization that I am a reckless driver at many times. I am very attentive and defensive, but my speed is what kills. I always seem to drive in a hurry when there is no reason to be in one. I just want to make it known that there are individuals out there who do not text and drive, who do buckle up, who are respectful of others on the road, including pedestrians, but drive carelessly or dangerously over the speed limit. I do not drive fast to that extent, but I am blessed that an accident has not occurred involving myself or that I have not gotten reprimanded for it in terms of my driving privileges. Learning to breathe, relax, and slow down helps a lot. You will realize the less stressed out and relaxed you are, it reflects in your driving.