I’m Sorry

Sahni S

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I buckle up and feel so secure Nothing can break this bond I lock my screen and tuck it away In a compartment far beyond But there is a quiet between the road and my car So I blast it to 38 and play my song I’m sorry The bass and the temp send vibrations through my body I dance to the beat Flying past everybody Less than 12 months to my record I ignore the signs Going over by 20 Ignorantly inclined I’m sorry I had a kiss with fate My life flashed before my eyes A scene I can never erase The speed, the music, and neglecting the signs My heart is in my stomach My chest near the point of explosion My life I could have lost All because I did not want to slow the motion I’m sorry Caution is carried As I peruse around town Yielding to others And turning my music down I will never take advantage of the reason for rules Being considerate and attentive May spare a race will fate that I may possibly lose I’m sorry