How Would You Feel

Lauryn H

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How would you feel If you saw our faces? I was only five When the policeman appeared at our home Telling us Daddy was gone. He had loved riding his bike But his last ride Was the one where you were Involved. How would you feel If you knew the sorrow when reality set in? Papa wasn’t coming back. You caused it Behind the wheel Looking at your phone. Maybe you were sending a text To your son who you loved Infinitely. How would you feel If this happened to you? Where you had to learn To forgive the one Who had forever changed your life While you told yourself You would never, not ever, Text and drive. How would you feel If you could change it all? Give back a father Be relieved of guilt. Surely, you would want this But since you can’t have it You do the best you can, by telling others To not make the same mistake As you.