Do You Remember?

Jaye S

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Do you remember all the times I said “Hey, look it’s green ahead” Because I remember you telling me not to worry so Daddy’s Little Girl sat back while you were in a hurry. Do you remember all those slammed on brakes and all the many speeding tickets that you’d have to take. They spanned across state lines and randomly we would find those bills in the mail whose payment was behind. Do you remember the day I screamed because a deer jumped out of the woods and it was soo dark that night inches away from hitting the hood. You told me not to do that because it would distract you. I didn’t want you to hit Bambi, what else was I to do? Do you remember the day we barely missed getting hit by a truck. A minute away from that 18 wheeler you on your phone, so at a light, we were stuck. Do you remember the day your luck ran out? In the hospital be with wires everywhere monitors beeping for reasons I didn’t know about. All those doctors’ voices were mumbling all around me your gripless hand in mine was all that I could see. Do you remember the day that you woke up screaming sweat pouring down your body because you were dreaming. That it was you instead of me that this had happened to. And it was the day that you would put your baby girl 6 feet in the ground. All because of a read text that you sent saying, “I love you…”