Don’t Let It Be You Too

Imonni W

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We all hear about people dying from horrible car crashes due to texting while driving. However, we never think that person will be us. Some people feel as if they know what they are doing since they have been texting while driving for a long time. How are our eyes supposed to pay attention to the road and our cell phone at the same time? If you choose to pay attention to your phone while driving, you choose to drive blindly which means that anything can happen. No matter how much of a pro driver that you think that you are, never ever think that you can go against the safety rules of driving. My plan to end texting while driving is to create car wheels that will start to beep after 3 seconds when one of your hands are removed from the wheel while driving. It will continue beeping until both hands are back on the wheel. If you are at a complete stop or have the car in park, the wheel won’t beep. I think this is a very effective way to not only stop texting and driving but, to stop other distractions as well. If both hands are on the wheel, you will be more focused on the road instead of other things. A text, phone call, nor notification is worth risking your life over. Texting while driving has ended many lives; don’t let it end yours too.