To the speed demons of the world

Luis C

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I see you everywhere, next to me at the stop light, music blaring, rolling over the line before the lights green, nudging my bumper on the highway, weaving between lanes, blinkers remaining dormant. On a Wednesday afternoon, where do you have to be in such a rush?, did you just have a baby?, did your mom just have a heart attack?, is your time really worth your life? I’ve seen you try to beat the light, Instead of hearing your music, I hear the sound of colliding metal, breaking glass, sirens in the distance. The only thing you beat was yourself, you lay on the side of the road, raggedly breathing, struggling, just, to stay, awake… I’ve seen you hit the accelerator just a little too much, my bumper collapses as you smash me. I spin out. You keep pushing. I roll off the road and you follow. Boom. The fire trucks hose down the charred remains of what once was two cars, they search the wreckage only to find skeletons, our last remnants on Earth. You wanted to speed up how long you spent on the road, instead, you sped up both your and my life. The world is a beautiful place and you choose to rush through it, speeding from one place to the next, always keeping its beauty in the rearview mirror. Sometimes, you may have an emergency and need to rush, I understand but don’t act like your time on this Earth is worth more than mine. Don’t rush through both our existences in a matter of seconds. Slow down, just slow down. Appreciate what surrounds you, ease off the gas, and just relax in your seat. Just. Slow. Down. Sincerely, A lost explorer of the world.