What Should Be Done!

Kadin F

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What Should Be Done! I have lost a cousin to reckless driving. On his twenty-first birthday, he was driving to his party with a few friends when suddenly, a driver swerved into their rear tired and caused them to flip over. Upon flipping, Sean broke his neck on the roof of the car. He just finished a college basketball game, being one of the star players. He had a future, and it was lost. An example of a personal experience of a distracted driver is in 2009. My aunt was driving me to the bounce house and a driver who was texting swerved right into her car. Her rims hit the curb and the tire tore of, which cost her over $1,000 to repair. In regard to reckless driving and distractive driving in my opinion one of the things that should be done is: During drivers training there should be absolute attention given to how a vehicle should be operated. If the vehicle is used in any way other than what it is intended, then that person should lose their driver’s license as well as their vehicle should be taken away and not given back to the driver until they earn the privilege to drive again. If someone is killed as a result then the driving privileges are taken away forever. Anyone that is under the age of 21 and in violation should not be able to have the privilege of driving until they are 21 years of age. New drivers should not just be taught the rules of the road but what this vehicle can do to upset the lives of others as well as the driver as a result of reckless driving and distractive driving. Now let’s talk about my opinion of innovative ways to help lower reckless and distractive driving accidents. I think there should be cameras placed in all vehicles, those cameras would monitor the driver’s behavior behind the wheel. Let’s say a driver is driving reckless in any way, for example, driving too fast on residential streets where the speed limit is 25 mph or a person is driving too erratically. The system in the vehicle will recognize that speed is too fast as well as erratic driving, take over control of the vehicle from the driver and safely bring the vehicle to a stop. While the vehicle is stopped the vehicles’ system would disengage and the police will be contacted. The only way for the vehicle to be started is that the police department in that area would have to enter a code for the vehicle start. Before the police enter the code for the vehicle a ticket is issued or the driver will be arrested. In regard to distracting drivers, for example drivers that are texting the vehicle system would do the same and the procedures would also be the same. I think with this innovative system it would help with some of the major problems regarding teen deaths in regards to reckless and distracting driving. I am not saying this system would apply only to teen drivers but to everyone who drives because the message has to be driven home that a vehicle is not a toy, it is a weapon if not used properly and it can and will kill, believe me I should know.