Natalya B

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Drive, in a space free from the occasional blinding drugs accelerating into the minds of bodies behind the wheels— selfishness, entitlement, senselessness. A space, accommodating for the flaws we as humans possess. Flaws birthed from the irrationality of our being, resulting in the inevitable peril that snatches the lives of others in what could’ve been another heartbeat—3,287 bodies per day— lives that could have been saved at the hands of one willing to ensure the safety of others, one willing to look beyond themselves. This space is built upon the intelligence of technology—the solution to this ceaseless human problem. Platooning self-driving cars—improving traffic conditions, decongesting our roads, enhancing mobility, reducing commute times, Minimizing the loss of life. Drive, in a space designed to optimize efficiency and sustainability. A space of technological autonomy capable of alleviating recklessness, eliminating human error. 6 million to 1.3 million accidents, 33,000 to 11,300 deaths—not the best possible outcome but a significant reduction in what takes the last breath away from millions. So why wait? Drive, In a self-driving vehicle.