Your Choice

Mariela G

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You always have a choice when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle No matter who’s there or who’s not there No matter how fast you’re going or where you’re driving to You have a choice You can choose to leave your phone next to you and not in your hand You can choose to chat calmly while looking on the road You can choose do drive with caution and safely You can choose to remember that rushing is more dangerous than being late You can remember that your friends told you to “drive safe” You can remember that you’re not the only one on the road You can remember that it’s not only your life on the line You can remember that losing a loved one is awful You can choose to be safe, and save countless lives Or you could pick any of the other options You could disregard everything that people have told you about driving safe You can choose to pay attention to anything but the road You could pick up your phone and text You could play around with your friend sitting next to you You could rush, as if the few seconds you might save is worth the consequence it could have You can turn away from the road You could put countless lives at risk You could put and end to your future and someone else’s You could be the bad person who made one mistake that cost someone their life You could destroy a lifetime of memories and moments for someone You are behind the wheel You are in control of so much more than you know You can decide for yourself You have a choice