Madison H

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You’re driving with your spouse in the car, 3 children in the back. You have 6 year old twin boys and a little 4 year old daughter. You’re the one driving, so everyones lives are in your hands. You’ve never really thought about that, have you? The moment you sit in the driver seat, put the key in the car, start the engine, and put it in drive, is the moment you have just put everyone’s lives in your hands. One wrong move, one wrong choice, and everything is your fault. You’ve been driving for over 10 years so you never think anything of it, you’re an expert driver. You’re on your way to your oldest daughter’s 10th birthday party, she’s already there. Her best friends mom keeps texting you, “Where are you guys? Katie keeps asking where you guys are.” Your spouse is keeping the twins from fighting in the back seat with their seat belt off and turned around so they can’t text for you. You need to respond, “Hello…are you guys on your way?…what do I tell Katie?…” Text after text, you need to text her back, you don’t want Katie to worry. You know the risks, you know the consequences, and you ignore it all, just for 10 seconds, “Yes, we’re on our w-” You looked away for a second too long, you didn’t see the 18 wheeler coming right at you. It wasn’t a silly text to a friend but it was for your daughter so she would know where her family was. It was still a text, but little did you know, it was the text leading your daughter to being an orphan.