A Text Within

Ricario C

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Everyday is a mystery and I swear i see you and your always close to me. But your important your something of an necessity. Your a portal to everyday life your a connection to me and all my friends. Your the way i can be myself and express myself as well. If i like something i go to you and vise versa: Your always around and i’m glad to call you mines. Most Adults see you as a distraction and other times your seen as a health risk. The problem is i don’t find a fault in you because you see hear and laugh at everything that i do. Your like my best friend your a heavy connection between me and my best friend and i’m thankful until the very end. I just want to thank you for being in my life and thank you for treating me right and i have to go drive but we’ll continue. Best friend just called and has an issue. And to be honest…….