A Text Within

Ricario C


Everyday is a mystery and I swear i see you and your always close to me. But your important your something of an necessity. Your a portal to everyday life your a connection to me and all my friends. Your the way i can be myself and express myself as well. If i like something i go to you and vise versa: Your always around and i’m glad to call you mines. Most Adults see you as a distraction and other times your seen as a health risk. The problem is i don’t find a fault in you because you see hear and laugh at everything that i do. Your like my best friend your a heavy connection between me and my best friend and i’m thankful until the very end. I just want to thank you for being in my life and thank you for treating me right and i have to go drive but we’ll continue. Best friend just called and has an issue. And to be honest…….


My writing is a poem about a kid having a conversation with his/her phone treating it as an entity instead of an object that it is. In my poem the kid was telling it all the good and the bad about it and the kid goes out and gets in a wreck and lose their life