Once You’re Gone

Samantha R


Your friend blames herself She will never know why she sent that message She has dreams where she sees you Broken, unrecognizable, lifeless She wakes up and wants to scream Its all her fault This is what is left Once you’re gone Your mother will never understand Her worst nightmare has become reality She hasn’t been able to breathe since the doctors told her Since they lowered your casket Since your own breath stopped This is what is left Once you’re gone Your dad swore he’d protect you He did all he could To keep you from pain From heartbreak Where was he when your car drifted over that line Where was he when you needed him most Why couldn’t he have saved you then This is what is left Once you’re gone Your little sister will never understand Why her mother can’t get out of bed Why her father has barely been sober since Why her big sister Her hero Her role model Why she will never come home Did she do something wrong To make you want to leave her This is what is left Once you’re gone Once you’re gone No one understands What was so important Why you never even hesitated They all have words they want to say But they’ll never get to Because this is what is left Once you’re gone


This was written to show what those who are closest to you will feel after you’re gone because of being a distracted driver. Its meant to show the pain everyone will feel, and how deeply your actions will affect them. Because, while it might just be one text, Snapchat, or even station change, but this is what you could leave behind. Only questions, blame, and pain.