I should’ve Listened

Sandra O


“Don’t text while driving” they say, “it might cost your future” But it couldn’t really happen to me. How could it happen to me? How could I be so foolish? But I was. I thought one text couldn’t hurt, But it did. One text isn’t going to determine my fate, But it did. I thought nothing could happen but it did. I didn’t want it to end like this, But it did. I should’ve listened But I didn’t I should’ve listened to the warnings, But I doubted them And I questioned them But in the end I should have questioned my actions But I didn’t.


My writing is based on a teen that thinks they are able to text while driving and thinks they are not going to get hurt. But, they just end up getting hurt and realizing that it was not worth it and their consequences could have been avoidable if they had just listened to the advice given to them.