Mom and Dad

Ian V

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Dear Mom and Dad, You say that protecting me and caring for me is the most important thing to you. Telling me what to do and not to do. You taught me how to be respectful and have manours to others. And when you told me to sit in the back seat because I wasn’t big enough for it. Taught me how to drive before I got on the road alone. But somethings that you did while in the car rubbed off on me. Talking on the phone, texting while driving, and looking at something in the back seat instead of looking at the road. These habits carried over to me. Texting when driving, messing around with the radio. That’s how I got into my first car accident. Texting you on the way home from school. Making sure that you know what I’m doing. That tree came out know where and smashed the car. Hearing the ambulance coming, listening to the people talking over the steam of the engine. Blacking out on the steering wheel forgetting about everything. Waking up in the hospital bed having you guys looking over me. Not knowing if you should be mad or concern. The nurse comes and talks to my parents about my condition. Then comes to me saying how, “You are lucky to be alive.” Those words still haunt me now. Because I don’t feel lucky. After that day I was scarred for seeing the effects of what happens to something we think so little of. That teens or anyone in this matter loses their lives off of something so stupid like that. But no matter what we do to stop it people keep on doing it. No matter how Many signs or commercials we put up it won’t stop people. Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean people are not going to do it. Mom and Dad thank you for everything you have done for me and preparing me for what is ahead. After everything that happened thank you for being there.. Having to watch me in my weakness time not knowing what will happen to me.I hope I also do as much for my children as you did for me Just after everything we been through you deserve everything good to come to you. Sincerely, Your Son