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Kenyala F

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10: I only have 10 minutes to get the twins to their soccer game. All four of us running, jumping, and scattering around like for blind mice during an Easter egg hunt.” Have you seen my keys?” ” Do you know where my other shoe is?” ” I swear I put my phone on the coffee table!” We were always late for every event, never the early birds. Finally, after finding all the hidden eggs; we pile into the car, ready to take on the junior Jaguar team and the district championship. 9: butterscotch candies are my family’s lucky treat to eat. Whenever we have a meet, we always eat a butterscotch. Its my husband’s and son’s favorite candy. But I have only nine and an even Steven keeps the drama at Bay. I guess I have to eat the very last. Ah! Don’t tell. 8: let’s turn on some tunes; searching for a good station- ah, lovebug, my baby’s favorite songs. All eight hands drumming to the beat of the song while racing to get to the soccer field in time. Bum-Da-Da-Da 7: Sarah knows no bounds. The coach texts 7 times, frantically asking where the Twins were and how late I was, like I didn’t know. I text back, “be there soon.” 6: finally over the bridge; only 6 minutes till we get to the soccer field. And my husband reminds me to get red beans for tonight’s chili Sunday.” Chili” the twins laughed in unison. 5: they came in fives. Text after text, I picked up my phone to read what Mrs. Paul Revere was shouting. 4: four Roads connecting each other only separated from the light that was shining red; showing me the end, if I had only saw the end. 3: Smash! 3 Cars colliding as though in an all-out brawl. The meeting of hunks of metal the twins never expected. The hunks of metal she didn’t see. 2: two screams from the backseat. Two exploding bags to the face. Two flips off the road. Two mother’s frantic calls to her son’s. Two more texts. 1: One soccer game that went on without them. And one twin without his other half. 0: none of this happened because she turned the music down, muted her phone and watched the road. And because nothing was going to stop her from seeing her sons play.