If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones

Ryale C

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Sirens wailing, Eyes finally opening. “What happened?” You are wondering. A glance at your surroundings, Notice that you had been bleeding. Off to the side of the road, men in uniforms are talking. Your body hurting. Mind still processing. Seeing your best friend is crying. Eyes wide open, finally realizing. You and your friends were wildin’ out while driving. Is this what you were desiring? Had to post a snap real quick, not knowing… Car leaning to the left, to the right, you were swerving. Yelling and singing with the music blaring. But don’t worry the snap was posted, unheeding… To the danger, the accident just waiting to happen, easygoing. You start to break out in tears as you are remembering. “I should have been careful, I should have paid attention to the road.” You are thinking. Everyone survived, still harmed in the process, nothing devastating. Is this the end or a new beginning? Distracted driving is dangerous, come now, haven’t you learned something? From this past experience that you were not craving? Next time you’ll pay attention to the road and focus on your driving, Because now you know, distracted driving is life-threatening.