The Consequences of Reckless Driving

Mahek P

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We know that there are fines and even jail time for individuals convicted of distracted or reckless driving. But still, this doesn’t stop teens from being more careful behind the wheel. So what should we do? In my opinion, we have to make the consequences fit the age group of the individual. I think, that as punishment for reckless or distracted driving, the following should happen: -the person (especially if it’s a teen) should have their cell phone confiscated by the Court for a certain period of time. -should have their driver’s license revoked for a certain amount of time -should have to attend weekly sessions on good driving and how to follow the rules These three things will discourage teens even more, as nowadays teens are almost always on their phones, and take pride in the fact that they can drive themself and their friends wherever they want. Getting rid of a teen’s privilege to do both these things will serve as the best punishment, as these are two things that most teenagers today love.