Ring. Ring. Crash!

Sarahfay H

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Ring. Ring. Crash! The wrong choice in a flash. I know better but I reach without care. A decision that sends us turning, twisting, writhing in fear. Scared to look at the damage and horrified at what I have done. Is he ok, asleep, dead, I am numb. Ring. Ring. Crash! One ring of the phone just ruined my life. My adrenaline spikes like my speedometer’s speed Revving and racing before one ring sent me into a tree. “Hello is anyone there?” “Please help me, I’m stuck upside down in this chair.” Ring. Ring. Crash! My friend, where is he? I feel helpless. The seatbelt holds me tight as I hang Branches fall on my car. Crash! Bang! A hand emerges on my back. its bloody, disfigured, crumpled and slack. Ring. Ring. Crash! ‘Help me! Someone please, I have smashed.” One careless decision may have ended our lives. I must help! Reach, arm stretch, determination, strive! One more inch, my phone lays there on its side. I can grab it. “Lord please help me” I cried. Ring. Ring. Crash! A faint sound, a plea, hope dashed. “What happened? Hello, Sarah please answer!” a voice of fear, from the shattered screen. I look around at the horrific seen. Then I realized my choice and scream. Ring. Ring. Crash! My head streams once freed from the dash. Blood soaked clothing, carnage, a sickening sweet smell. I look at the damage and to my knees I fell. My friend, lifeless, I beg, plead, pray. Lord what have I done? Help me please, let him be okay! Ring. Ring. Crash! I free myself and snag the culprit, my bane. Hoping beyond hope that 911 will come and end my pain. Please save my friend, let him live. It is not his blame, for him my life, I will give. Ring. Ring. Crash! I smell the smoke; the black cloud grows. I grab his hands, I pull and tug him into the shadows. The red and blue lights shine and in the distance the sirens cry. They are coming; please, I don’t want to say good bye. Ring. Ring. Crash! The heat grows; the fire spreads. I’m thrown by a mighty force of red. All around, the trees, the grass, metal flying, chaos looms The car was gone in flash, with a boom Ring. Ring. Crash! It sprayed my arm, leaving red lines in its wake My screams so loud that my lifeless friend stirs and awakes. My prayers are answered there will be no mourning My choice tho poor will now serve as a warning. Ring. Ring. Crash! The red, white and blue lights blinding the sirens deafening. Men and women coming, rushing on high alert. I try to stand but the feeling from my legs, leaves through the dirt. I collapse; a man says “Are you alright? What has happened here?” My words come slowly and almost disappear. “Ring. Ring. Crash!”