Amelia A

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I dreamed of becoming a doctor, I dreamed of becoming a singer, I dreamed of becoming an athlete, I dreamed because I was a dreamer I was only in high school my whole life up ahead I was only in high school yet I never dreamed I’d be dead Years of following the roads rules but it only took that one time to become “one of those fools” and commit that one crime I looked down on my screen just while the light was red but my mistake as a teen has made my deathbed I killed Haley from history, I injured Miguel from math, I kept my surroundings a mystery as I stepped on the gas Snapchat beckoned me down this path, like a serpent, my phone tempted I gave into sin and felt God’s wrath now that moment can never be corrected I dreamed of becoming a doctor Haley dreamed of becoming a singer Miguel dreamed of becoming an athlete now we can’t because of my misdemeanor