“Listen, Watch, Focus, Save”

Jasmyn C


Dear Cell, Listen to the sound of my voice, Let my engine move with caution I let you depart Depart from your home of my and other’s hand Let my voice guide the actions my fingers would perform So that we can meet in the middle My command, your action Move accordingly without the struggle So that we may glide in peace Run the road without risk Watch it work So surreal and safe Watch us, our close liaison Be still unconditional and close, without embracement I promise this is not a trade, I do not put my auto before you. Focus Watch me focus and live safely Our new ways will benefit more than just me, Cell. Watch me save Save you, Auto, me and others. Sincerely, My Hands, Eyes, Voice, and Attention.


This is a poem I wrote from the perspective of a driver. In this speaker is giving a farewell to distracted driving and welcoming a new way to drive. That being, driving and being able to use your phone with voice commands. Assuming that phones (connected to the car) can be commanded to call, text or look up information by hearing any person’s voice. The same way the iPhone has Siri to follow a command after her activation call “Hey Siri”. If some technology could be made to have all phone and cars work together to perform tasks by command, that would eliminate the need to text or search while driving. Ultimately creating less distracted drivers and safer roads for everyone.