A Text is Not Worth a Life

Alexis W

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A Text is Not Worth a Life By: Alexis Wideman Everytime you drive You have this freedom in your grasps Not realizing that freedom comes with a cost There are innocent people just like you driving on this peaceful road. But suddenly a cloud of regret and guilt creep up in the horizon All because of the distraction of a text Your mind drifts from the road As you pick it up, the clouds get darker Adding suspense into the air. Signs along this road warn you of the danger to come But instead you ignore it Then as you are about to reply…..BOOM!!! You just crashed into a innocent victim. Tears start running from your eyes And you see that damage that has been done Regret and guilt start to intervene into your mind Are they okay?! Are they okay?! You wonder what happened Did they die?! Did they live?! But you ask yourself Could have this been avoided? What could you have done? However, the answer is right in front you You see on the ground your phone Which has the reply you were about to send Then you see the lifeless body on the road With a picture of their family lying right beside them A family that will never be the same again.