You Didn’t See Me

Alyse C

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Its okay. I know you didn’t mean to. You didn’t see me there… I know you didn’t see my black hair I know you didn’t see my bright eyes I know you didn’t see…little me. I know you didn’t hear me either. Or rather you did, but you didn’t comprehend it. You couldn’t comprehend me screaming “Please stop! My bike is stuck. I AM STUCK.” Please… It’s okay. And maybe I’m to blame. Maybe I cared more about my bike, than I did my life. But I was only 10. And right then, that’s all that mattered to me. Yet, you still couldn’t see or hear me. Because whoever you were texting had your full attention. Whoever you were laughing at mattered most at the time. I just knew you were going to stop in time.. I knew you were going think about your life and mine.. But you didn’t though Maybe if you would have waited a little longer to text them back… Maybe if you didn’t get sidetracked…. Maybe if you would have just looked outside.. I would still have my bike. I would still have my life. My eyes would still be bright. But you didn’t… And it’s okay. Just promise me next time you will keep your eyes on the road. Not on your phone. Not in your bag. Not even in the sky… Just don’t get sidetracked. Because although my premature death is a tragedy, This could be a blessing in disguise. My father always told me I was an Angel in disguise. And I hope me earning my wings Wakes you up, Wakes the world up. So that they too may know, what driving careless may do. If the world decides to put down their phones Put down that bottle Put out that cigarette or any other narcotics The world will be a safer place. And there will be brighter days. And like I said, hey, It’s okay… I forgive you. I know you didn’t mean to.