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Lynsey F

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Rubber and metal That is what tires are made of. Metal and glass That is what cars are made of. Blood, skin, and bones That is what humans are made of. Soon all those materials could be damaged in a split second if drivers are driving recklessly. The tragic epidemic that is sweeping the nation of America is reckless driving. This includes driving under the influence, texting or calling while driving, not using a blinker when turning, speeding, and tailgating. To fix this enormous issue in the county I propose that higher fines or harsher consequences like longer jail time should be given to guilty citizens. This proposal will encourage drivers to be mindful of their driving habits, so drivers can avoid these consequences. Another solution would have speed limits posted in more obvious places like next to stop signs. Speed limits should also be located more frequently on roads, sidewalks, etcetera. That way the driver will be reminded of the speed limit and they can evaluate their speeding better. As for tailgating an extension that goes on the back and front of a bumper and will be five inches long would be necessary for reckless driving. Say I was driving and someone behind me got a little too close, instead of having them possibly crash into my bumper they would hit the barrier which would protect the bumper. The extension can also be a limit on how close a driver could be from another.