Tracy N

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The hollowness in my head, Does it relate to the emptiness in my heart? My shell is cracked, the contents spilling out, I’m desperately clinging to what is left behind. It’s no use! Everything is slipping through… No, but I have to endure! I cannot lose everything! A flash of memory comes in, The bright light of my phone– The vivid feeling of driving into a pole– The screeching of brakes– The scream that came from my mouth– My heart jumping out of my chest– And the crash that destroyed everything. The cracks are unblockable, No matter how much try. It keeps spilling– And spilling– And spilling– Draining my thoughts away, Ripping my heart out, Taking all the words I ever knew, Right into a box that can never be opened. When I opened my eyes once more, It was through the lenses of someone else.