Don’t Turn Around

Gloria S

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You are the life of the party. You throw your hands up high enough that you can touch the satellites. You love riding those tidal waves because it makes you feel weightless. You belong with the rest of the kids in the dark. So, don’t you go. Don’t you go. Don’t get so lost in stereo. If you do, you will break much more than your own little heart. You will create these sick little games that are about finding the body parts that are not found in your car. Don’t you go. Don’t be a time bomb. You have no idea what it is like to paint flowers or to be someone’s hero. Don’t you go. It’s nothing personal. Don’t allow yourself to turn into a runaway. Missing you will be the hardest thing not to do. We don’t want to bury you in that cinderblock garden. Don’t you go. Have the guts to not answer those dings. Those missed phone calls or numerous texts won’t be so bad, not nearly as bad enough as not ever being able to catch your breath again. Don’t you go. A lot more than therapy will be needed for those you left behind. Nightmares included. The rest of the kids in the dark? They are all in the dark sides of their rooms. Don’t panic. Ground control can be done. There is a way to not destroy these future hearts. Don’t you go. Be the last young renegade that doesn’t let a device come between you and the rest of the kids in the dark. Relish in that afterglow.