Counterclockwise Shifting Eyes

Mikeila M


One second too late Three tasks at once seemed efficient Before only five fingers could grab the wheel Six broken ribs. Not seven but seven hundred times she wished she could remake her choices But impossible She put the mascara on Ate the bagel Drank the coffee Sent the text It happened at 9:10 Eleven first responders A twelve-minute ambulance ride ~~~~ Lowered the volume down twelve notches Declined the call from the random 697 number Got enough sleep. Ate before she left Five fingers each on ten and two Three tasks reduced to a single focus The click of a fastened seat belt One more mistake that never had to happen.


I’ve known so many people who’ve been involved in collisions due to distracted driving (on their behalf or others). Especially in the collegiate world, we students find ourselves living in a fast paced society and are always thinking about what’s next on our to-do lists. It’s so easy to try to multitask in the car when you’re running late to class or start to nod off on a long drive home to visit family during a break – so easy. But that does not make it okay. After something as devastating and impactful as a car wreck, no matter how it happens, we always wish we could turn back the clock. Things begin to unfold in our mind on a timeline, and that was something I tried to explore with this poem.