Five, Four, Three, Two, One

Henry W


Five. Five of us squashed in the car. Me, Nick, Floyd, Jim, and Clyde. Cruising down the I-99, Each street sign Nothing but a blur. Four. Four times he held out his phone. Demanding, insisting, saying to me, “You have to see this!” I gave in and left the road free. Three. Three seconds, and… Three people in the other lane. Six souls I had just slain. Two. Only two of us left, as we spun into the tree to the right. One. One decision, and now I am the only one. Five. That’s how many times a day. I wonder…Nick, Floyd, Jim, and Clyde? Would they all have survived, if I just kept my eyes on the drive?


I live on Vashon Island, a place which has suffered many deaths due to distracted driving. The roads are often somewhat precarious if you don’t live in the area– making it dangerous territory for distracted drivers. Nobody I know personally has succumbed to that fate, but my family and friends of ours have known people who have passed because of driving irresponsibly, as has my school. I am writing this because no family, friend, or person deserves to hear that someone dear to them has passed, simply because they couldn’t keep their eyes off their phone.