Turnt Up

Nyah W


You took her too early Too soon, too brief Too intoxicated to care, you are the reason she no longer breathes Inhale.Exhale. A privilege she bequeathed, Not for me but to you Because you were the one to walk out free. Imprisonment behind bars , but the cause of this was not the cars The issue lies further beneath. You sent an angel off Up into the clouds, further away from the crowds And the reason heads were bowed all throughout 2013 Your recklessness Your reckless behavior, your reckless driving was the cause that lead to her early arrivings Intoxicated by your foolhardy thoughts I ask one question though why didn’t you follow what was taught. Turn up . Turn up . Your friends cheer you on. Lives were lost and freedom was misplaced And now your feeling guilty while your tears are falling in a facility all because you had decided in that moment to “turn up” It could of all been so simple; so easy , so just But you chose the stereo , the Snapchat , the cellular device , the instagram . The thoughtless moment , but for what ? You thought this wouldn’t happen. But it happens oh so often And could of easily been prevented by driving sanely You lost your life and sent off another , but all these imprudent action for the extreme “turn up “ maybe ? Put down the Snapchat , lower the stereo , and toss the device to the back. Drive with sense , do what was taught because that moment will be something you can’t take back.


I had an aunt who unfortunately passed due to a reckless driver. She was an officer on duty and the cause of her death was a young girl making the wrong decisions. Sadly, not only was my aunt gone, but so was the young girls life. It resulted in her doing time in prison away from the rest of the world. That one moment had a huge impact on many lives. It had a huge impact on my life. I wanted to share my perspective as one who’s been affected by reckless driving and how that one moment of “turn up ” is not worth the lost of anyone’s life.