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when driving you should always have your seat belt on and made sure it secured,Driving doesn’t just require your focus but also your safety in case something unexpected were to happen,For example-a car accident,many people have died because of car accidents but the saddest ones are the ones that could have been prevented,There was once a mother who was pregnant and when she was on her way back home,from a doctors appointment,when suddenly she was hit by a reckless driver and her car flipped over.She passed away because when the car flipped she hit her head on the ceiling of her car which ruptured a blood vessel in her brain,This could’ve been prevented if she had put on her seat belt.Another example takes place from my family,my aunts and uncles were driving back from work,the time that this event occurred was 1AM,and on there way a drunk driver hit them and my aunt didn’t have her seat belt on,she was sitting in the backseat,and she flew from her seat and hit the front glass and when the paramedics came,It was already to late and there was nothing they could do;My aunt would still be alive if she had put her seat belt on.In conclusion,where you sit when you are in a car,especially if your the driver,Matters,so you should always put on your seat belt because its for your own safety and it will allow you to focus more on driving,knowing that you are safe.