Reckless driving solution

Hannah B

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A big percentage of teen drivers are reckless and a danger to others, The problem is that most teenagers don’t consider the result to their actions when they text or drive distracted instead of focusing on driving. Teenagers feel like they are invincible, so every reckless thing they do well driving, even if they know it is not right, does not seem problematic. With these young adults believing that even well distracted they can still be in control of their vehicle. Unfortunately, most teenagers don’t find out how bad these decisions repercussions are until it is too late. It is the older generation and their peers’ liability to educate teenagers about the responsibility and dangers driving comes with. A solution that would help decrees reckless teen drivers would be to raise the age limit to drive and to make driving course more educated. The youngest anyone is allowed to drive legally with a license is at the age of 16. Sixteen year olds are too immature to accept the responsibility that comes with driving. Instead, young adults should have to have a permit longer to gain more experience driving with an adult present and than at the age of 17 be able to gain a license. Also driving courses should educate their students on the repercussions and responsibility of driving instead of just solely teaching them how to operate a vehicle. Learning how to use a car is an important lesson to learn before even attempting to drive the car, but before trying to drive, students should also be taught all the responsibility involved. Most young adults nowadays can go through class online or through a simple class just to gain credit and not learn a single thing. Also, the DMV test that is required to be taken before getting a permit or license is so easy, that after taking it the future drivers will forget the knowledge right away, so these test shouldn’t be the only judge of readiness to drive. Before throwing unknowledgeable and immature teenagers on the road, we should imply more lessons in driving classes and school, about the dangers and awareness that needs to be involved while driving.