Just One Button

Taylor H

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Emptiness is bubbling inside of me From each angle of darkness and despair A feeling of gloom and sadness is taking over me Where am I? I remember that ding- Of my new cell phone While driving down 10th street Making my way to my little brothers’ birthday party That one text message It said- “Hey bestie, call me, bought the most amazing prom dress!” I remember picking up my phone My fingers were so close To connecting with the tiny call button Where am I? My body is light My fingers feel weightless This doesn’t feel real In this strange and unknown place I don’t want to die I can’t die Next time I will not pick up my phone for that One “small” call- For I’ve learned that one text or that one call can really Wreck it all. I say next time But I know deep down There will not be a next time Because my body is lifeless I am floating in the air I never should have never touched my cell phone.