Anything For Saftey

Kylah P

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I walk towards my locker ready to get started with my weekend I make sure to nod politely to anyone I know, but I am just not in the mood to talk to any of them. I have to go to the bowling alley to start my shift. “Hey Kira,” James greets me at my locker, looking shy. “Hey, you need something?” I try to keep my tone soft. “Yeah, my mom was hoping you can give me a ride to work, I start the same time as you and she says Daniel is too unsafe when he’s driving.” “What makes her think I am any better? She doesn’t know me.” I already know the answer. “My mom heard about your new car.” He rubs his neck, we have never really talked before we started working at the same place. I nod, “Anything for safety huh?” We walk quickly to my car and get in, the weather has managed to pull out one last warm day this fall. This is the warmest it is supposed to be all week. We get into my car and I start the engine. A familiar sound beeps throughout the car and I put my phone in a cubby on the armrest, I look at James expectantly. “What?” “You need to put your phone in the cubby.” “Why would I need to do that?” I smile, “Because one of this cars main features is that I can’t go anywhere unless this cubby is closed, it’s for phones, so I am not texting and driving. I would like it if you put your phone in there too.” “I still don’t get why I would need to.” “Because I promised my mom that I would put peoples phones in here if they were in the front seat. So there is no way to distract me.” He finally puts his phone in the cubby and I close it, the beeping stops and we both go to buckle our seatbelts. I pull out of the parking lot. “So what else can this car do?” “Not too much more, it won’t let you turn the volume up too high, and you can’t speed up too quickly after you slow down, instead it’s a gradual increase.” “That’s it? Thought this was supposed to be a super safe car or whatever.” “No, the real way to avoid car crashes is to really focus on what you’re doing and all that requires is a little self-discipline. Take what happened to Daniel, for example, that car crash could have totally been avoidable if he was paying attention to his surroundings instead of on his phone.” “Don’t you ever get bored?” I snort, “Not at all, I notice a lot while I am driving that keeps me entertained, I don’t need to be staring at my phone or talking to people.” “That’s why my mom won’t let me drive without another adult in the car, she thinks I will get too distracted.” I shrug, pulling to a stop. “That’s fair for your mom to do, if you really want to drive yourself around, then sit down with her and talk to her. My mom always says all you need is a little communication. Your mom is not saying that to be mean, she is saying it to keep you safe.” He nods and we don’t say a word till I park at the bowling alley. “Thanks for the ride Kira.” “Anything for safety.”