Samantha F

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You open your eyes to pure whiteness. Flicker. Brake!! STOP!! AAAHHH!! Where am I? You close your eyes, hoping you could remember what had happened a few hours ago. You open your eyes again and this time, you’re standing out on the street. You look to your right, and you’re blinded by the sight of red lights. Your eyes readily adjust to see yellow caution tape. Flicker. Stop looking at your phone!! Wait, no STOP!! And suddenly, memories start flooding back into your brain. You remember picking up your little brother from school. You remember driving him back home. You remember looking at your phone at a text from your mom, asking if you had picked up your brother yet. You remember slamming on the brakes But it was already too late. You walk up to the caution tape, and that’s when you see the bodies. So many things are going through your head right now and you can’t think straight. You see your brother being carried into the ambulance. A car comes rushing up and you see your parents running out, crying. You run towards them, yelling their names But they run right past you They rush towards your brother, and then, they stop at the sight of something. Their faces look horrified and they start to cry You look towards the direction of where they’re looking. And that’s when you see it Your body, YOUR body, Not moving. Your whole world starts to spin afterwards. You look at the other car Inside the other car was a family of four. Two parents, two children. Two dead parents, two crying children. You took away their parents You let the tears fall when you realize the damage that you’ve done. What happened? Multitasking was always your thing. You were a perfect student; you never once got into trouble, not even a single parking ticket. You close your eyes for the last time, waking up to darkness. You did this. You should have stopped. You should have listened to all those dangerous driving talks your school had. Two seconds changed your entire life. And now you won’t have one to live or breathe. You deserve the absolute worst. And now you have to live with it forever for eternity. Change your habits before it’s too late.