It Can Wait.

Hamna A


I can wait. It was a delightful morning The sun was hidden behind the clouds Raindrops hit the windshield slowly It can wait. The air smelled of freshly cut grass Humidity filled the air It was truly a delightful morning but it can wait. The red light was blinking Just one picture for the snap Click! Suddenly a honk Green Light! A pressure rushed over me Hitting the accelerator And then a thud! I hit something Everything went silent No smell, No noise Nothing but the sight of blood It could have waited.


We seem to forget what mistakes we make effect everything around us, who could that person that I hit have been? A child, an elderly, a mother, father, sister, dog or cat? Something that we could have done to prevent it like simply park your car where you were not affecting traffic flow or endangering the life of those around you to take a snapchat picture or post for instagram. It could have just waited, yes it was a delightful morning, but that all changed with one picture. And you could have just taken someones life, but it could have waited.