Why is reckless driving not worth it?

Zachary S

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I am not a reckless driver. Thank god for that. I do know though that those who are can die. They can die in a horrible way and their whole life will be missed by only some. Driving recklessly can cause a mistake. It takes 3 seconds to move. It takes 3 seconds to hit. It takes 3 seconds to make a wrong turn. It takes 3 seconds to make a fatal mistake. Driving recklessly leads to death, and no one wants death. Don’t take that time to see what a friend texted you. Put your phone away and focus. Do not turn around to look at something or talk to someone. Focus on the road and notice what is in front of you at all times. Because at any given moment, you could be surprised. And you will either react to it or not do anything at all because you do not notice it. Do not take those few seconds to find a cool radio station. You don’t need to listen to your favorite song at the expense of risking your own life. Put all of the distractions away and do what you must before you drive the vehicle. You don’t need your phone or makeup or whatever else you carry around while your foot is on the gas pedal. Turn on the radio to the station that you want before you start driving. To avoid reckless driving, don’t distract yourself. Focus on the road, the vehicles and pedestrians around you, and nothing else. Make sure that the people with you in the car won’t cause you to drive to your death. You must always remember that a text or a call or music are not worth losing the most valuable thing of all: life.