Terrible Driving Decisions

Emmanuella J

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Skiiirrrttttt! Bang ! Boom! I woke up to my head on the dashboard. I instantly felt this aching headache . I looked around and saw blood smeared all over the wheel. My eyes were blurred as I watched the commotion. Looking out of the window, I noticed several police cars and ambulances . I still couldn’t understand what happened . As the time goes by I finally began to piece things together . I remember that I was on my way to work . This morning was already rough for me . I woke up late again and I was scared my job was on the line. As I was driving I heard a notification from my phone . Without thinking thinking I grabbed my phone to look at the message . I looked down for a second and wasn’t paying attention to the road . Before I knew it my car swerved and smashed into another car. After that everything went black . I wasn’t sure for how long I was out but when I woke up I realized the damage I caused . I sat back and thought how could this happen to me . Guilt crept over me like a blanket . I sat in the car as a police approached me and asked questions . I told them everything that I could remember. Sitting back I could hear my mother’s voice in my head always reminding me to drive safe. I thought that something like this would never happen to me . They took me to a emergency room to get me checked out . Everything was a blur to me because I was so focused on all the damage I caused by sending a single message and speeding . As I was deep in my thoughts I remembered that I saw the ambulance take away the other people in the car that I hit . I asked the doctors in the room with me if they knew anything about the other people who were injured . They told me they couldn’t disclose that information . As I turned my head to the side I saw a hospital bed roll throughout the hall in the crack of the door . What I saw was unbelievable . It was a young girl who had blood all over her clothes and face . She was unresponsive and the doctors were rushing to help . I began to think if she was okay . I wanted to know if she was alive . I wanted to know if she hated me and felt like I ruined her life . I never found out what happened to her . This was the biggest burden I had to deal with. Seeing all the damage that was caused I realized the consequences of my poor driving habits . I vowed that day to never to drive unsafe again.