A thing of the past

Tyler T

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It hasn’t happened in years. Everyone still remembers when being a victim of distracted or reckless driving was commonplace, but no one has been touched by it in a long time. Everyone thought that it was impossible at the time, you could hear people continually saying there would always be reckless drivers, everyone always said that if you put a teen behind the wheel they are bound to make a mistake. Yet here we are years later proving them wrong. The solution wasn’t some inexplicable miracle. It didn’t happen by some stroke of genius or some grand discovery, but the solution was found in a change of who we are as a society. Driving shifted from this fun thing that everyone couldn’t wait to do, into something that required responsibility and prudence. Parents began to stress the importance of safe driving on their children more frequently and how being a safe driver could very well save lives. Even big corporations began stressing the importance of maintaining safety while you drive. Creating devices that would delay all notifications until after a person had gotten from behind the wheel. Drivers courses found more ways to incorporate responsibility into their curriculum more often. Children were now growing up with the importance of safe driving instilled in them. They grew to respect just how important it was to stay focused while driving and how even the smallest lapse in judgment can result in the loss of life. It wasn’t some grand initiative that helped to change the world, but it was every individual doing their part to teach and stress the importance of a safe driver. People got tired of watching others die when a simple change could be made to fix all of it. Instead of sitting by and accepting it as something no one could control, people acted to prove that reckless or distracted driving didn’t have to be something we just lived with. Now, because of all those people who were willing to stand up and show the world that even one safe driver could result in a big change we don’t have to watch as people are killed by reckless or distracted drivers. Thankfully because of everyone working together and resulting in a big change reckless or distracted driving is a thing of the past.